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Discovery Lesson

Learn the basics of wing surfing

A wingsurfing discovery lesson is the perfect opportunity for beginners to experience the excitement of this new and exhilarating sport. The lesson is designed to introduce you to the basics of wingsurfing, including the equipment, safety procedures, and fundamental techniques.

During the lesson, you will learn how to control the wing. you'll also learn how to use the wind to your advantage, allowing you to sail in different directions and speeds.

By the end of the wingsurfing discovery lesson, you'll have gained the skills and confidence needed to continue your wingsurfing journey. Whether you're looking to explore new watersport activities or simply enjoy the thrill of sailing across the water, wingsurfing is an exciting and accessible option for all skill levels.





Learn wing theory
Learn how to fly the wing
Learn how to maneuver the wing

  • Offered Daily

    3 hr

    9,600 Philippine pesos
  • Offered Daily

    1 hr 30 min

    4,800 Philippine pesos
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