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IKO Level 2, 3-4 Day course

Full kitesurfing course become an independent rider

If you're interested in getting into kitesurfing, we highly recommend this course. This comprehensive course is designed to take you from a complete beginner to an independent kiter and typically lasts for 3-4 days.

During the course, you'll start by learning how to control a trainer kite before progressing to setting up and controlling a LEI kite in the water. We'll guide you through the basics of body dragging, which involves using the kite's power to move you forward on the water.

Next, we'll teach you advanced body dragging techniques and how to body drag with a board. Once you've mastered these skills, you'll progress to learning the water start theory and practicing board starts to get you up and riding longer distances.

After completing the course and gaining the ability to ride independently, you can start renting equipment. Upon completion of the course, you'll receive an International IKO card, which will enable you to rent equipment and use kitesurfing stations worldwide.





Kite Theory and the Wind Window
Equipment (Setup, Pack Down, and Safety)
Kite Control
Body Dragging
Kite Power Strokes
Kite and Board Control (riding in both directions)
Transitions and Changing Direction
Riding Upwind

  • Learn how to control the Kite

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    9,600 Philippine pesos
  • Learn how to do new tricks and improve your kiting skills

    3,200 Philippine pesos
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