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Discovery Kite lesson

Learn the basics of Kitesurfing

If you're interested in trying kiteboarding and want to test the waters, the Discovery Kite lesson is an excellent option. This lesson provides an overview of the equipment used and the fundamental concepts of kitesurfing, allowing you to experience the excitement of kiteboarding.

During the lesson, you'll have the opportunity to fly a trainer kite, learn about the "wind window" theory, and acquire the skills necessary to steer and create power with a kite. Once you've mastered the techniques for maneuvering the trainer kite, you'll move on to using a larger inflatable kite in the water.

By the end of the lesson, you should feel confident in your ability to fly an inflatable kite in the water and manipulate it to generate power.





Learn Kite theory
Flying the kite
Body drag

  • Learn how to do new tricks and improve your kiting skills

    3,200 Philippine pesos
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